During 1-3 September 2017,  YOUYOU Mentoring unveiled its exciting new exhibition POEMS4OCEANS at The Strand Gallery in London.

POEMS4OCEANS featured moving image, photography and video poems that showcased  poetry created by literary beneficiaries in collaboration with acclaimed visual artists and the award winning film composer Sacha Puttnam.

Poems created  inspired by the beauty and plight of the oceans and our relationship with it. 

The audio-visual poems were projected onto three large screens at The Strand Gallery space. Ea ch poem  recorded by the poets and special guests, including the British actor and poet, Nicholas Pinnock, who is starring with Anna Friel in ITV1 drama, Marcella, and Jo Wood entrepreneur, presenter, and environmentalist and screen actress Laura Pradelska.

POEMS4OCEANS was featured on London Live TV and chosen as the as the exhibition to visit in London. 

Right - The Mother of The Sea poem by Laura O'Driscoll and read by Laura Pradelska.  Poem features the sea women photographs by Mijoo Kim.

Click HERE to watch POEMS4OCEANS video poems. 


Simon Reeve, author, presenter, and conservationist who is also supporting the project, said: “POEMS4OCEANS uses creative storytelling to explore the mystery, beauty and life support of our oceans, transporting us to this magical realm, and gently reminding us how precious and threatened it is."

Poppy Turner, an award-winning poet and beneficiary of the YOUYOU Mentoring scheme, focused her poem, We Are The Oceans, on the vital issue of combating plastic pollution in the ocean. She said “POEMS4OCEANS is a platform that is using poetry creatively. Writing poems is like painting a picture, we are using words to bring stories of the ocean alive."

YOUYOU Mentoring teamed young, emerging poets with the British award-winning film composer, Sacha Puttnam, and leading international visual artists, including photographer and filmmaker, Venetia Dearden, underwater photographer, Jem Cresswell, Korean photographer Mijoo Kim and Mexican poet and artist, Alexandra Duran.

Inspired by the visual artists who work with oceans and marine life, and by the music scored by Sacha Puttnam, the poets produced work on a variety of themes, from pollution and humpback whales to the women sea divers of Korea, and travels around the British coastline.

The Strand Gallery and Aurora Multimedia.
Sleeper Sounds Studio and Guy Chambers 
Private View sponsor, OffTheLine Vinyard.

Poppy Turner, Laura O’Driscoll, Phil Coales, Louella Ward, Darien Charles and Nyasha Duri (YOUYOU Mentoring, youth literary Ambassador.) 

Brenda Ramsey, Curator
Sam Errington, Film Editor
Richard Bailey, Photographer
Kyveli Charalampidou, Graphic Designer

Sacha Puttnam. Award winning film composer (the son of the legendary film producer, David Puttnam,) Sacha has scored the music for over 30 films and is a regular composer for BBC Radio 4 dramas.

Mijoo Kim is a Korean photographer, based in New York. Last year, Mijoo documented the sea women of the Jeju island in Korea as part of The Mothers of the Sea series.

Jem Cresswell is an Australian-based underwater photographer and filmmaker and the creator of Giants. Jem tracked, photographed and filmed compelling black and white images of humpback whales.

Alejandro Duran is a photographer, poet, and filmmaker, originally from Mexico and now living in New York. Alejandro's acclaimed work includes Washed Up where he collected washed up bottles, chairs, lids, buckets and other plastic waste along the coast of Mexico and created hauntingly beautiful installations that he then curated in video, sound, and photography.

Venetia Dearden is a British award-winning photographer and filmmaker. She is noted for her first book, Somerset Stories, Fivepenny Dreams and for a solo exhibition of Glastonbury, Another Stage at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Her recent works include Tadpoles and Waking Waves.

Peter Matthews is a London based artist who creates his art while submerged in the ocean. He is the recent recipient of the Royal Academy of Arts, Hugh Casson Drawing Prize.

January 2017, Charlotte Regan age 22, director and writer and a beneficiary of YOUYOU Mentoring, receives an EE British Academy Film Award- nomination for her short film STANDBY.

Following the success of Charlotte's film in February, she went on to win The BFI Future Film Lab Award and New Talent Award.

STANDBY is a 6-minute comedy film about Gary and Jenny two police officers in the UK who share the same cramped “office space” as all beat cops: the front seat of a patrol car. The film tells the story of their friendship while spending their days together in their police car. Gary is performed by Andrew Paul well known for playing PC Dave Quinnan in the TV drama The Bill. 'Standby' film soundtrack features ‘Shutdown’ by grime artist and Mercury Prize winner SKEPTA. 

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